I am a wildlife cameraman and Kenyan certified drone pilot based in Nairobi, Kenya.

The main cameras I own are the RED V-Raptor 8k VV as well as the RED Komodo X.

Over the years I have specialized in long lens, run’n’gun, gimbal, timelapse, drone, camera traps and remote shooting.

Date of birth:


Born in:

Villingen, Germany

Andreas’ Cameras:

RED V-Raptor 8k VV

RED Komodo X 6K





Long Lens Camera

Gimbal car/handheld


Licensed Drone Pilot


Camera Trapping / IR

Drone Licenses:

Kenyan Commercial Drone License 

EU Drone License

Additional Licenses:

PADI Certified Diving License

International Boat License

Specialized in:

African Mammals


Big Cats

Remote Locations

Remote Fishing Shows

Specialized locations in Kenya:

Masai Mara Eco System

Amboseli Eco System

Tsavo Eco System

Samburu / Northern Kenya

Shompole Conservancy

Mount Elgon Eco System

Locations filmed:

Kenya, Uganda, Madagascar, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Suriname, Indonesia (West Papua, Banda Sea), Botswana, USA, Gabon, Fiji, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Panama, Maldives, Kiritimati, Cuba, South Africa, Egypt




Andreas Knausenberger is a wildlife camera operator based in Kenya. He was born on October 3rd 1982 in Villingen Black Forest, Germany and soon developed his passion for videography, photography and adventure travel. Andreas already discovered the photography in his adolescence. What initially had been a hobby, became the profession and so in addition to his academic studies he worked as a freelance photographer. During his studies of Sports Sciences in Stuttgart he travelled a lot. In addition to Asia and America, he in particular visited the African continent more often. His passion led him into the sport fishing world on many different and mostly remote and unusual places. Later the countries where he experienced, people and adventures should lead to his special travel agency which offers individual and fishing trips as well as photo safaris in Africa, South America and Asia since 2010.


“As a DP and photographer I have been independent since 2010. After my studies I worked in the marketing of a wholesale company. However, I told myself: Should I ever reach the point where I wake up in the morning being tired of this kind of work, I would open my own business. It was not long before when this point had been reached. So I was self-employed as a DP and photographer.”



At that time, he worked as a freelance DP and photographer for the event agency Roth & Lorenz in Stuttgart. Customers had been Coca Cola, Daimler Benz, National Geographic Germany, Procter & Gamble, and other large companies. In addition to the event photography he focused quickly on the Wildlife – and Outdoor photography. For the Pangea Project of extreme athlete Mike Horn and Mercedes Benz, he photographed in the Alps for several days and realized that this area of videography and photography was the right choice for him.



In the following years Andreas focused more and more on producing outdoor adventure films all over the world. With his travel company “Extrakt Travel GmbH”, he is always in search of the biggest fish in the world. While guiding the expeditions, Andreas started producing high-quality fishing film productions which are now showcased on Amazon Prime Video. In Africa, filming wildlife and producing independent documentaries became his passion. In 2020, with the start of the COVID pandemic, he was able to produce his first documentary about the effects of the pandamic on Kenya’s people and its wildlife. The documentary “The Unfathomable Virus” was aired on Aljazeera, NTV, DSTV and other online platforms.



The year 2022 was very busy for Andreas. He filmed several parts of James Camerons’ “Secrets of the Elephants” in Kenya and also filmed parts of Netflixs’ “Hidden Lives of Pets”. Besides the natural history projects, Andreas filmed for several NGOs like The Global Fund and the Clooney Foundation for Justice.


Seeing the potential of a good film fixing company for natural history documentaries in Kenya, Andreas founded together with his wife in 2022 the production company “Africa Wildlife Productions Ltd.“. The new production company is producing at the moment their first independent documentary about the Human Elephant Conflict in Kenya. In the future, Andreas will be able to offer not only camera, drone and gimbal work for international productions, he will also be able to help international film crews in film fixing in Kenya.


Recently, Andreas has accomplished the Kenyan Commercial Drone License and is now able to offer drone filming services within Kenya. He is specialized in wildlife drone operations as well as commercial drone operations.

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