Kenya Commercial Drone License!


Finally I managed to complete my KCAA Kenya Commercial Drone License!

Got my Kenya Commercial Drone License! Drone laws in Kenya are quite strict and flying with an EU or UK license can be difficult. Even with my EU Licence it was quite difficult to get permissions to fly in Kenya. Therefore I needed to go for the KCAA license! Working in the natural history documentary world, it was a necessary step for me to increase my skillset and offer additional production value.


Thanks to Kendrone Ltd., I am now one of the few proud Kenyan drone license holders. The license will allow me to fly my drones in Kenyan airspace and film Kenya’s fantastic landscapes and wildlife. I am really looking forward to get into the field!


As my personal drone I own the DJI Mavic 3 Classic and have access to other drones like the DJI Inspire 3 and others. Therefore I will have a wide arsenal of drones, fitting for each wildlife drone operation in Kenya.

Over the last years I operated drones in many different countries like Suriname, Madagascar, the South Pacific, Indonesia, Peru, Ecuador and may more. Flying in remote areas and in difficult conditions is therefore no problem for me.


If you are looking for an experienced wildlife drone pilot, I will be available on request! Just drop a mail to

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