NETFLIX – “The Hidden Lives of Pets”

Filming for NETFLIX – Sony FX9

Last year I have been filming for Netflix “The Hidden Lives of Pets” in Ol Pejeta, Northern Kenya. With a small crew, we went up north to film the interesting work of the Anti Poaching Unit and their dogs. During our shoot we used the Sony FX9, zCam E2 paired with the DJI Ronin RS2. The task was to cover the work of Ranger Paul and Otis the bloodhound.


The shoot was quite challenging as always with wildlife topics. I had to cover different parts from sit-down interviews to long lens and gimbal work. 


During our coverage of the last remaining Northern White Rhinos, I got pretty close to these gentle giants. For some reason they did not trust the DJI gimbal set-up…


The most difficult part was to film the rangers and dogs on a real patrol. This took us several hours and a total of 25km in one patrol. Running with the gimbal and the FX9, I could clearly feel my bones at the end of the day.


You can watch “The Hidden Lives of Pets” on NETFLIX

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